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I hate to even ask but we are stuck waiting for who knows how long for either Dan's Social Security to come in or his Workers' Comp to be settled out.

Dan and I are trying to turn our luck and lives around. After meeting in 2012 Dan was injured at work, after a simple laparoscopic shoulder surgery Dan developed the worst possible complication a condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. The condition began in his right arm and has since spread all over his right arm and has now spread into his left arm and the right side of his back. During all this I became pregnant with our fifth combined child each of us having had two children before meeting each other. We also fought for and won custody of Dan's daughter. We have four kids at home full time.

From October 2012 until now Dan has been out on Workers' Compensation from being injured on the job and developing a life altering complication. What started as a simple injury that required surgery to fix (it was a couple of bone spurs in his shoulder and they shaved some bone off his collar bone) his shoulder simply never got better. This surgery was at the end of January in 2013 with the idea that he would be out for another 6 weeks or so while he healed from surgery. First the site around the incisions became numb, then painfully numb, then like it was on fire all the time and finally in addition to the fire like pain a sensitivity that the slightest touch, breeze, brush by clothing made him almost in tears. His orthopedic Doctor didn't listen as we tried to tell him that it wasn't getting better and was in fact getting worse, it took a student who was interning where Dan was getting physical therapy, who was currently learning about his condition, to speak up since she recognized the symptoms. His condition continues to deteriorate, the small numb patch now covers from his right shoulder (sometimes his neck on the right side too) to his fingertips. It is also spreading into his left arm, and while it isn't nearly as bad as his right it gets worse everyday, he also is finding that the right side of his back is now exhibiting the same symptoms, which is where he had another surgery to implant a spinal cord stimulator to try and help with the pain, the trial for the spinal cord stimulator was extremely promising and unfortunately the permanent one has not been nearly as effective. His range of motion is about shoulder height on his right arm he can no longer lift that arm above his head on his own. He has also developed severe depression and anxiety issues since being diagnosed and is not able to drive without having severe anxiety attacks.

We have exhausted all avenues of trying to make ends meet. The amount that we are currently bringing in each month doesn’t even cover our bills and we’ve cut everything down to the bare minimum. We are also on every kind of assistance that we qualify for, without it we wouldn’t be able to have groceries in our house to feed our children. While we have been struggling for the last 2 years, we also lost my mom this year in March. Talk about when it rains it pours, still despite all our struggles we have had many wonderful things happen to us as well. We have each other, we are each others best friend and despite being together virtually 24/7 we never seem to run out of things to talk about. We had a baby on August 8th, 2013 he is the happiest baby I have ever seen and brings an immense amount of joy and happiness into our household. We also got married on July 7th, 2014; we felt that solidifying our relationship by joining together in marriage was important for both ourselves and our children.

Dan and I want to start our own home based business, we want to buy wholesale and resell under retail prices, and we also are both very crafty people and want to put our craftiness to use. Once Dan is released from Workers’ Comp he will be able to help me craft items but until then it will just be me. We think that we will really do well with our business but are unable to start due to our current finances and the fact that Dan has been denied twice for Social Security and we are now waiting on a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge. We hate being on assistance and are desperate to become self sufficient we just need a little help getting there. We are asking for help to start our own company, $5,000.00 would give us enough to get all the proper licensing and be able to start a website and buy items to stock our website that I have done research on and sell for 10 times retail what I can get them for wholesale.

Even if you can’t help us I am asking you to please share our story so that maybe someone else can help.
Thank you!!



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