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Walking Tall Wilmington Inc

At Walking Tall Wilmington, we're building transformative friendships with people in poverty. Come and join us!


Walking Tall Wilmington exist to build interpersonal relationships with individuals experiencing poverty by giving full access, so that they may experience community through safe spaces of healing, building back their self-worth.

With your help and generosity, we can continue to support our friends experiencing poverty.

We gather together at several points during the week to share a meal between friends in poverty. Our goal is to raise enough funds to have our own building being able to provide shelter whenever there is a need so our friends won’t have to live outside in the streets. Currently, we provide supplies for meal sharing, transportation, bus passes, some assistance with medical expenses, tents, sleeping bags, other basic necessities, and help them get back on their feet.

We also provide the means to help them obtain their birth certificates and apply for identification cards.

We have a community garden called "The Garden (of eatin') where we grow various fruits and veggies, which we use for our weekly meals.

Working together to change Wilmington, NC and the world, one transformational friendship at a time.