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Working for Hope; Esperanza's Back to School Event

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Seysha Mehta wrote -


Every child deserves to at least have the chance to know that their dreams have a chance of coming to fruition.

Esperanza (meaning "hope" in Spanish) is a non-profit organization in Cleveland, Ohio dedicated to providing support, education, and scholarships to underprivileged Hispanic students, as well as their families.

How you can help 

I wrote a proposal and won a grant from my school for Esperanza's Back to School Celebration. The event is designed to give students backpacks filled with materials necessary to succeed for that school year, materials that they otherwise could not afford.

For every $1 donated, $1 is matched. My hope is raise $500 dollars, all of which will be matched by the grant, totaling in a $1,000 for the cause.

All payments and donations will be matched and will go directly to the organization

You can...

  • Donate 
  • Contact me for any of the following: 
    • Babysitting ($10 an hour) 
      • Basic Life Support (BLS) certified 
      • Wilderness First Response (WFR) certified 
    • ​Pet watching ($15-25 per day) 
      • Have had and loved dogs throughout my entire life 
    • Tutoring ($20 per hour) 
      • Spanish (Finished all classes prior to and including AP Spanish Language with an A+ and won a scholarship from the National Spanish Exam) 
      • Math (Finished all classes prior to and including AP BC Calculus with an A or highter) 
      • English (Finished all English classes with an A or higher and am a Writing Center Intern) 
      • Piano (Can teach basics, having had lessons for several years) 
      • Guitar (Can teach basics, singing too if desired) 
      • Bollywood Dancing (Have danced since I was 2) 

My Mission

My name is Seysha Mehta, a rising senior at Hawken Upper School, and I've spent the month of June volunteering as a counselor for Esperanza's STEAM summer camp program, falling in love with the kids I'm working with, while simultaneously being exposed and crushed by the realities of their situations. Through the hours of time I've spent with them, I can sincerely say they are some of the most spirited, hilarious, and most loving kids I've ever met - as funny and charismatic, as shy and quiet, as beautiful and unique, as any child you love. Somewhere around the 3rd week of my volunteering, I had a discussion with one of the head counselors who interacts with and teaches many Esperanza students - she told me about the wonderful dreams some of these kids have, to graduate high school, to go to college, to become doctors and lawyers, to change the world, or at least their community. She also explained that the heart breaking reality is that there are innumerable odds stacked against them.

My question is this: how are we supposed to tell them that they have to be more realistic, when they have managed to see hope and find motivation despite their reality? My mission to help make their dreams more than a dream.

Please contact me at 17mehsey@hawken.edu and thank you so much for your support. 


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