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Volunteer2servengive Inc

Our mission is to bring awareness to homelessness & poverty communities via storytelling and technology. We restore dignity with those who are experiencing homelessness or who are underemployed. We travel and work in under served communities that have lack of computers, jobs, food and clothing. We provide food to families and to our seniors who are having to chose between paying bills and paying for their medication and lacking a good meal. As of today we have fed over 12000 people a nutritious meal who might not have eaten. We have provided 1100 kids with backpacks filled with school supplies because we want to have them prepared for school. ****TRAINING AND RESOURCE CENTER**** Our goal is to raise $20,000.00 dollars. With your help from donations we want to open a Training and Resource Center to help the Homeless and Underemployed Community with workforce development, training, and community outreach. We will utilize the funds to pay rent for the office space, operating expenses and office equipment. Our vision is to help them gain employment and find affordable housing.

Tax ID 81-1007526