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94% Raised of$55,000 Goal

Viva Vera 2014 Photo
Viva Vera 2014 Photo

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DEADLINE TO GIVE: Dec 31, 2014


The Vera Project, an all-ages music and arts venue focused on personal and community transformation through collaborative, youth-driven engagement, houses the future of music, art and culture in Seattle.  On our stage, we produce cutting-edge music shows every week, showcasing the talent of the present and future.  And you’ll find it backstage as well.  In fact, Vera puts the backstage up-front, inviting young people to help make the programming happen. 

Vera actively invites young people to lead in every aspect of production, from booking bands to audio engineering to promotions and even organizational governance.  Vera’s members, volunteers and interns not only make the music happen; they learn how the music industry and arts community work.  And they go on to run it.  Former participants can be found in many of the music, arts and cultural efforts throughout the region and country.

Despite our successes, Vera’s work is far from done.  Seattle is growing, and the music industry and arts community are changing.  Places like Vera are needed now more than ever as a hub for musicians, artists, producers, audiences, and especially the growing numbers of young people.

Vera is stepping up to the challenge.  In 2014, Vera continued to build on our foundation of cutting edge programming and youth engagement, providing opportunities for people of all ages to learn and develop new skills while actively participating in the community. It has also been a time of transition, including changes in leadership and financial challenges.  But Vera’s staff and board have remained passionate, energetic and innovative in their use of limited resources. 

The next chapter relies on you.  As we move into 2015, we need your advice, your participation and your support.  In the meantime, we have a bold target of $55,000 for our year-end fundraising campaign.  To get there, we are joined by a group of campaign partners, who have pledged leadership gifts.  Thanks to Jerry Everard, Billy O’Neill, James Keblas and The Vera Project Board of Directors for helping lead us into the next year. 

Now, we ask you to join them and join us.  Vera’s music, art and people are the future.  And with your help, it is going to sound really, really good!

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