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Viva Bolivia

Leadership for today, hope for tomorrow!

Viva Bolivia exists to support and encourage positive leadership and sustainable development within Bolivia. We provide two types of assistance. The first form of assistance is small, targeted, leadership-focused grants. We measure this by the number of grants and the total dollar amount given each year. The second is consulting services largely provided by our all volunteer Board both to Viva Bolivia Productos y Servicios SRL and to other projects working in Bolivia. We measure this by the number of hours and an estimate of how many organizations are assisted. If you are looking to support a charity that gets BIG results with small dollars, welcome aboard! Our all volunteer Board can be reached via email or phone.

Tax ID: 36-4534746 •

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Viva Bolivia - Christmas 2014! Image Viva Bolivia - Christmas 2014! Amount Raised: $1,090

22% Raised of$5,000 Goal

Viva Bolivia - Holiday Challenge Image Viva Bolivia - Holiday Chall… Amount Raised: $2,000

20% Raised of$10,000 Goal