The Story

  The greatest sermon does not come from powerful preachers or great crusades. The greatest sermon is the one you can see and it comes from powerless ordinary people who comes with a lot of love and humility.

John Wooden puts it this way " You can't live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you" . Click the link below to watch.

 There are many untold stories that if we can intervine on time we can safe lifes and give hope to many.

VITENDO is a swahili ward meaning "actions". Words are not enough for a hungry or a sick person. May be we are the only "jesus" some people will ever see or the only bible they will ever read. VITENDOUSA takes the lead to do something whenever we read or hear about needy cases in Africa.  Please watch the video clip below and take necessary action(vitendo).

Kenyan mother needs help to seek treatment for her child

   Are you willing to make a difference in somebody's life in Kenya?.

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