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Hey Folks

We’ve been talking about how to increase our rare plants at Nachusa in our plantings and overseedings. Four years ago, the dropseed garden was planted and since has been a huge success! Two more species come to mind that we should bump up are violets and gentians. We should start this spring with violets and gentians next year since Larry Creekmur doesn’t have prairie gentian.

We could get the violet production garden going this spring and harvest this spring as well! We visited TNC Dunn Ranch last spring in MO. They installed a few prop gardens for their rare species. I attached a photo. They found the key to their production garden was the weed mat. The weed mat is great for preventing weeds and makes maintenance easier. It is also really great for catching seed if in case some capsules explode before we collect them. The seed will fall on the mat without going through and wait for us to sweep or suck them up. We have abundant violets on the preserve, however we can’t burn these remnants every year to get good seed production. Also, having a couple thousand violets in one spot will enable us to use our time more efficiently in collecting this species. We can expand the Regal Fritillary’s range if we can increase our population of violets throughout the preserve. The weed mat and irrigation should allow a good production of seed each year. We can simply use the irrigation already in place next to the drop seed garden if needed.

Dunn Ranch planted 1600 plants that yielded about 2.5lbs. of pure seed.

How about this for a violet production garden at Nachusa:

Buy 2,250 plants which would yield us about 3.5 lbs. of seed or 1,568,000 seeds.

Larry Creekmur has viola pedatifida for $1.30/plant.

Plants: $2,925
Weed mat: $440
Total: $3,365

Nachusa can pay for some of this, but we will need your help to make it happen.

In order to get this garden going this spring, we are going to need some help $$ from you all. Some of you have already said you would donate for such a thing.

Is anyone interested in pitching in? If so, how much can I put you down for? Just think of the Dropseed investment and how well that worked for us.





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