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Lincoln Soccer Association

Offering opportunities for personal and athletic development to boys and girls in Lincoln, Omaha, and the surrounding areas in Nebraska.

https://www.villarrealnebraska.com Tax ID 47-3414055


The Villarreal Nebraska Academy (VNA) positively impacts local communities by offering outstanding soccer opportunities for growth and personal development for players to reach their maximum potential in a professional, fun, and challenging environment. VNA provides academy-level soccer training to boys and girls in Lincoln, Omaha and surrounding areas who have the potential to compete at the collegiate or professional level. VNA coaches also emphasize and instill sporting values such as teamwork, effort, discipline, respect, and a healthy lifestyle. VNA enhances the sport of soccer through a relentless focus on player development and aims to “transform the game by transforming players.”

The following values are leveraged:

Discipline: To learn the skills, put in time, and prepare for peak performance. 

Effort: To work hard to improve and reach true potential. VNA emphasizes that positive mental attitude will supplement natural talent. 

Commitment: To learn to sacrifice to participate and contribute to the team’s performance.

Teamwork: To work together as part of groups with common goals will bring success. Deal with success and failure—Failure is part of the road to success, and dealing with setbacks is key to maturity and self-fulfillment.

Setting goals: To set short and long-term, individual and group goals will showcase that goal setting will enhance the path to success.