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V.A.C.M.I mission is to remedy the problems of unemployment in the Body of Christ by creating social and economic project in order to create of professional Centers, craftsmanship and social skills training, cooperatives or socio-educative centers, etc to generate jobs. On top of this, we will call on support (financial) from national/international NGO that can help to implement these projects for the benefit of the community. V.A.C.M.I plans to use money raised through this fundraising to build many training centers and housing for the women. The training centers will have programs such as craft and vocational training to prepare them for specific careers. Everything made in the center will sold and will be used to set them up with small business. All the profit from the trades will be used to pay the women and the rest to implement on other plan related to this mission. The housing project is to provide for the ladies a temporary safe plan until they are stable financially, mentally and physically ready to rent a place on their own. Due to the lifestyle that they are coming from,V.A,C.M.I deemed it necessary to house them instead of paying for them to stay in motels.

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