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VetsWhatsNext Nonprofit Corporation

VetsWhatsNext Nonprofit Corporation is about Empowering & Helping our Disabled and Homeless Veterans, Service Members, & their Families. We are here to let you know there is Life. After. Military.

https://www.vetswhatsnext.org Tax ID 84-3181298


VetsWhatsNext mission is to serve those who served our great nation by offering a virtual HUB website and mobile app, that provides a One Stop Shop to many services, resources, benefits, jobs and much more in location through VWN website and app. VWN is to provided clothing and food to homeless Veterans and support Veterans and their families who are facing financial hardships to bridge the gap between hope and success. VWN is here to assist all Veterans in reclaiming their lives and economic stability. Through relevant posts and volunteer work surrounding Veterans; VWN provides a fresh perspective on the day to day hardships that Disabled Veterans, Homeless Veterans, Service Members and their families face. It’s organic perspective allows viewers to connect with our passion because the Founder can empathize with their plight and VWN in return makes their days, months and years more beneficial and manageable. LIFE. After. Military.