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California Veterans Connection

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California Veterans Connection was started in January 2019 by Chris and Andrea Ulicki with the goal to help better the quality of life for veterans and their families. Chris and Andrea have both spent their whole careers in the healthcare field. Chris’s background is in Emergency Medicine and has spent the last 20 years working on ambulances, in emergency rooms and in hospital operations. Andrea has spent her career in private doctor’s office operations, medical billing, working in emergency rooms, on ambulances and in pediatric intensive care units. Over this time we have worked for some of the smallest and largest ( for and nonprofit ) healthcare providers in the country and have helped treat thousands of patients.

One of the most obvious things you notice quickly in healthcare is the huge variations in the quality of life that people live, and how money and knowledge affect how quickly and what services people are offered. What becomes clear is that not everyone has the same opportunity to a great quality of life. The most common factors that affect this are money and disabilities. Many times we come across patients that can not afford services or have special circumstances beyond what the healthcare system has to offer to better their quality of life and make things easier on them. We frequently come across social situations where people need things as simple as a ride, someone to help with a pet, where to get meals, or just what free or discounted services to help lessen a financial burden that improves their quality of life.

Andrea and Chris both had grandfathers that served in the military and are very proud of their service to our country. Chris remembers watching his grandfather struggle later in life to live on a fixed income and he would always tell him about how certain programs at the VA helped him be able to afford things that made a big difference to him. The service that people like our grandfathers gave, give us the opportunity at the prosperity we have been fortunate to have. CVC was envisioned as a way to give back beyond our current jobs and make sure that we pay forward the time these veterans and their and families sacrificed for us. We are dedicated to helping veterans and their families gain access to any free or discounted services available to make their lives easier. We believe that veterans deserve more help and we want to help bridge that gap.