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Veterans Assistance Angels Inc.

To Honor the Fallen and Carry the Broken

https://www.myveteransangels.org/ Tax ID 84-3107127


Veterans Assistance Angels is a nonprofit organization which assists any veteran in the process  of applying for, searching and obtaining their rightful benefits from the VA, federal and local governments.

Our advocates help veterans not only discover the benefits that exist to aid them in life, employment and housing, we also assist them in filling out the reams of paperwork necessary to obtain those benefits.

What more noble and needed a cause is the commitment to assisting our Veterans who have sacrificed so much so that we may remain free? It is our mission to repay that sacrifice with respect, loyalty and compassion.

The current system in place is a confusing maze of paperwork and research that renders the process stressful at the least and near impossible for some. Our Veterans have unique issues that may hinder this grueling to complete. Our advocates at VA Angels dig through the quagmire of paperwork and make it seem easy! Our goal is to get EVERY Veteran the benefits they deserve! Our services are absolutely FREE to you and your family. 

We take this commitment seriously and will never ask you to pay for a service that by law you should never be charged for.