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We are stronger together!

https://www.vealliance.com Tax ID 83-3926731


The VEA provides resources and support to those who are seeking to re-integrate themselves into the community through a business platform. By doing this, veterans not only re-establish a sense of purpose, but are able to continue serving by supporting their community.

MISSION: Helping veterans reconnect and find success through entrepreneurship.

VISION: Reaching across the United States to educate entrepreneur veterans in business practices, learn how to launch well and scale up, and connect with other veterans and the business community.

CONNECTION: Giving veterans ways to connect with each other and the business community.

 COLLABORATION: Working with for profit, nonprofit and governmental organizations to access resources.

EDUCATION: Providing business specific skill training, masterminds, and professional development.

SUPPORT: Offering year-round, sustainable, meaningful activities and opportunities.