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Veterans helping veterans to build an equine and animal assisted therapy ranch with homeless veteran mini housing.

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The three biggest problems facing the veteran community are reintegrating into society after the military, homelessness and suicide. VETERANch is a community based veteran PTS therapy ranch and homeless veteran community.

The mission of VETERANch is to help provide the assistance and stability to any era veteran who has not been dishonorably discharged, who can benefit from animal assisted therapy and to provide, clean, safe housing for homeless veterans. For years, I had done everything I could as one person but studying the statistics led me down a path where I had to ask for help and then, create a much bigger plan to help care for many veterans who have found themselves to be part of the statistics I had been studying. You can read these stats on the NCHV.org website. 

We are looking into 500+ acre locations to build VETERANch on in SW Montana.  The plan is to build a community of homeless veterans that can learn and help each other become stable again and help the veterans  who come to VETERANch  for therapy. Right now CoVid-19 is ravaging through our homeless veterans and I am putting extra supplies in the backpacks I had out to the homeless veterans I find during my search through the different homeless communities I find.

If you would like to know more about the proposed program or what I am doing now?

 Email me at veteranch@yahoo.com