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Veteran Rites Inc

Initiating Veterans into Whole Identity, Purpose, and Belonging

https://www.veteranrites.org/ Tax ID 84-2116162


Welcome Home Warriors. 

Veteran Rites is passing our Winter Warrior Gift Basket to raise $6,000 from AS MANY HANDS as possible by December 31st. In order to equip (4) Rite of Return ceremonies in the wilderness and over a hundred in-person and online Circles of Return in 2021, we are calling on our community!

Veteran Rites initiates Veterans into Whole Identity, Purpose, and Belonging after military service so they and their loved ones can enjoy the future worthy of their sacrifice.  Through ceremonial Rites of Return in the wilderness and Circles of Return in society, we heal the veteran soul with non-medicated solutions that provide lasting freedom from the invisible wounds of military service.  

We are on the front lines of Veteran Suicide Prevention by providing a true rite of passage for warriors suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress, Moral Injury, Military Sexual Trauma, Isolation, and Suicidal Ideation. 

One Circle and One Ceremony at a time, we can prevent further casualties of war on American soil.  This is the responsibility of a whole nation.  To do this, we need all hearts and hands in the movement to welcome our warriors home with Love and Honor. 

We invite you to bear witness to the testimony from the hearts of the veterans that have healed through Veteran Rites at www.veteranrites.org/donate.  Once a season, we will pass the ceremonial gift basket to all touched by this mission and EVERYONE they know to place their blessing and $10 in it, as a symbol that they are supported by all HANDS in the community. 

With ALL HANDS in the gift basket, in whatever amount, we are all meeting our warriors outside of the village as they return from war.  We are a whole community standing shoulder to shoulder in reverence for all that our warriors carry for and all of who they are.   We become part of the story that heals our warriors, their loved ones, and all of us.  

Please place your blessings in the gift basket as able.  Or better yet, start your own fundraiser here and pass it to all of your friends to start their own.  This is how we grow our family.  Then we will come back and bear witness to the incredible stories and wisdom our veterans gift to us.  As one community.  As it should be.  Together in wholeness.  

Thank you for being in circle with us.  We love you no matter what.