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Vermilion Sea Institute

Vermilion Sea Institute is the incarnation of a dream. A dream to bring people together. A dream to give communities hope. A dream to connect educators, researchers and conservation professionals. A dream to foster coonections between land and sea, humankind and natural resources.

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Through Vermilion Sea Institute educators, graduate students, citizen scientists, and local community members connect  with each other to make the world a better place. The journey half way down the Baja peninsula can be a long, and it is also a transformative one for many. 

Each summer, the Vermilion Sea and Field Station in conjunction with El Canto de la Tierra  hosts over 100 graduate students from various establishments, in order to teach ecological field methods to encourage research and fuel passion projects. 

In the latter months of summer, VSI hosts the "Stars to the Sea Program" which brings together conservation-minded people, local boat drivers, and our "Aventureros" to train reliable citizen scientists to collect data on whale sharks. This data is then uploaded to Wildbook for Whale Sharks website, and helps researchers determine feeding and migration patterns, as well as ecological importance. Despite being the largest fish in the world, there are still many things we have to learn. 

In recent years, VSI has also directed efforts to our "Aventurero" program. This program aims to invite local children and teens into the work and research fostered by VSI. Aventurero participants work towards completing various aspects of a curricula tailored to each participant to encourage their interests and provide them with marketable skills. The curriculum includes cooking and catering, snorkeling and boat operation, recreational water sports, navigation and hiking, and digital photo and video editing. 

Due to COVID-19, for the first time in 50 years, the Vermilion Sea and Field Station will not host participants in May, June, and early July (with re-evaluation). This is our busiest season, and it is the time of year we are able to foster the most sustainable relationships with our local boat drivers, restaurant owners, local craftsmen, and busness owners. We hope to take this time to give more attention to our Aventureros programs, and expand our research on microplastics. We would love your support to keep these programs running, and to continue to support our local community partners in Bahia de los Angeles. Thank You!