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Venezuelans in the Carolina's


Venezuelans in the Carolinas is a non profit organization comprised of Venezuelan-American citizens that strives to become an important and dependable source of assistance to ALL in need. We normally collect from our association members and other communities items for children i.e. clothes, food, school supplies, toys, etc; to assist families in need in our local community.

Venezuelans in the Carolinas originated in 2000 by the Gordils Family with the purpose of enriching their culture and passing that culture on to their American born children. After multiple events throughout the years, in 2008 they registered as a non-profit organization to work along with other 501c3’s to give aid to families in need in the United States and overseas. In 2019 Venezuelans in the Carolinas was launched as an independent 501c3 in order to broaden the scope of their philanthropic endeavors.

Venezuelans in the Carolinas delivers food, clothing, and health, sanitation and medical supplies to Venezuelans in need in America. In addition, several times a year we ship the same items to Venezuela where they are directly distributed to those in need.