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Vegan Is Elementary

Our goal is to make the next generation the VEGAN generation

https://www.veganiselementary.org/ Tax ID 84-3156773


Vegan is Elementary is a national 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization led by Dr. Dada (Casey Reinl) and his daughter, Eleu Vegan. Founded in 2019 with the aim to reach kids during their formative elementary school years, Vegan Is Elementary adheres to the following mission statement:

Let’s reach kids

in their natural state

before they’re told

eating animals is great.

Let’s give them the choice

to be peaceful and kind

before cruelty & killing

are stamped in their mind!

Kids love animals,

it’s easy for them to see

that kindness is so simple,

it’s elementary!

Kids are the key to a vegan majority.

We’re here to show them

to make it their priority.

Kids truly can step up and lead.

We give them the blueprint,

a cruelty-free creed!