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Valjean Society

Helping Former Prisoners Get On Their Feet

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Valjean Society is providing transitional housing, job placement, and mentoring to about 16 former felons each year.  All of the former prisoners were imprisoned for drug-related offenses and are now in recovery from drug addiction.  This non-profit leases one house in Mesa, Arizona which is used for transitional housing.  Valjean Society opened this first house for transitional housing in November 2018 and currently boards four former prisoners.  


Valjean Society was founded by Michael Harris in 2015, a year after he was released from the Arizona prison system for a opioid-related offence.  While in prison, he achieved sobriety and began mentoring fellow prisoners.  Since his release, Mr. Harris has mentored several former prisoners, helping them find housing and jobs.  He has used his paralegal skills well to help his mentees with court appearances.