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Valiant Voyages

An educational, self-affirming program for children with cancer or other serious illnesses that gives them the opportunity to get out on the water with their family, learn how to sail, have hands-on experience and learn about the marine environment, while having fun and temporarily getting away from the rigors of dealing with their illnesses.

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Valiant Voyages has been established to give kids an opportunity to leave their illness behind for a while and take on a challenge that will give them a sense of self-worth, confidence and purpose - and have fun in the process. The Valiant Voyages program will bring them out on the water, teach them how to sail, open their senses to the marine environment, and allow them to feel good about themselves and their accomplishments as they turn their attention to the demands of sailing Delphis, a 60 foot ketch, or the Violet, a 45 foot ketch.