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The American Working Rat Training Academy is a division of US Vet Connect Inc., an American 501c3 nonprofit.

Our mission is to build the "American Working Rat, Early Cancer Detection Training Academy," a facility dedicated to developing a new subspecies of the black rat breed and trained to detect early-stage cancer in humans, saving millions from unnecessary pain, suffering, and early death.

Our vision is a world where fast, accurate, and affordable cancer screening is available to everyone on the planet, regardless of their location or situation, where the once despised rat has become a celebrated hero by sniffing out early-stage cancers, saving millions of lives, for just a little cheese.

Early detection of cancer can save millions of lives each year but tests are invasive, expensive, and simply not accessible to large numbers of the population.

Millions of humans are diagnosed with late-stage cancer each year destroying lives and families.

The American Working Rat Training Academy uses new, innovative training methods to produce cancer-detecting rats, providing a new path for early cancer detection for all.

Scent detection rats have been saving lives in Africa for over 20 years with a 100% success rate in landmine detection. Scent detection rats have saved thousands from Tuberculosis, Africa's deadliest disease.

Dogs have been detecting cancer for over 10 years with a 98% accuracy rate.

The problem is:
1.  Dogs require a single handler to perform up to standards.
2.  Even dogs have days they don't wanna work.
3.  Dogs have a great nose, but a rat has a better one.

American Working Rats Training Academy has the vision to increase early-stage cancer detection with the mass availability of trained scent detection rats.

1.  Establishing a breeding and training center where the rats are imprinted with cancer scent training from birth.

2.  Development of our new Eco Rat Pods that will be like an all-inclusive rat resort.  Eliminating all outside stressors and providing two scent detection rats a premium rodent life.

3.  One Rat Pod can screen 2400 samples a day. Making early cancer detection fast, convenient, and accessible to all.


We need your help today, by meeting our first-year goals will introduce a new hero in the fight against cancer, the "American Working Rat".  A grassroots movement like ours requires support from our fellow humans to make a difference in the world and help save lives.

Please don't let the rat's villainous reputation sway your belief.  Rats are saving thousands of lives from Tuberculosis in Africa right now, and with your help, they can save cancer patients around the world.

Please support the Early Cancer Detection Training Academy today to help save lives tomorrow.

Donate a little cheddar and we will make the world better!

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Custom text to donate & text to register for your community.  44-321 (your home town).  Donations stay local!

Once set up as a Can the Curb community.  This program can be easily run 4x a year.  

The custom code for your town stays active and its all set up to keep your donations local.  A strong nation is built on strong communities.