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USO Denver Family Home and Country Virtual 5K Run Photo
USO Denver Family Home and Country Virtual 5K Run Photo
USO Denver Family Home and Country Virtual 5K Run Photo
USO Denver Family Home and Country Virtual 5K Run Photo
USO Denver Family Home and Country Virtual 5K Run Photo
USO Denver Family Home and Country Virtual 5K Run Photo
USO Denver Family Home and Country Virtual 5K Run Photo
USO Denver Family Home and Country Virtual 5K Run Photo
USO Denver Family Home and Country Virtual 5K Run Photo
USO Denver Family Home and Country Virtual 5K Run Photo

The Story

EVENT DATE: May 30, 2017

Our Mission: To raise awareness about the USO and celebrate over 75 years of strengthening America’s military service members by keeping them connected to family, home and country throughout their service to the nation.


For over 75 years, the USO provides the vital bridge between Americans and their military service members. It was founded in preparation for World War II by national leaders who understood that maintaining high morale in a fighting force is vital to a nation’s military success. Ever since, the USO has kept our military men and women connected to family, home and country throughout their time of service – no matter where, how long, or under what conditions they serve.


USO Denver is a family of over 200 volunteers that supports America’s service members by keeping them connected to the people, places and things they love. We do this through countless acts of caring, comfort, connection and support. Locally, in 2016 we served over 119,000 active duty, reservists, national guard, US Air Force Academy Cadets, and military family members who pass through the USO Center at Denver International Airport. We also opened a new location downtown  at Denver MEPS, welcoming over 8,900 of our nation’s newest service members and their families to the USO family and assure them that we will be there for them throughout their service.


Beyond our two physical locations, USO Denver also offers morale-boosting events and family-strengthening programs to the troops and military families. In 2016, we provided programming and outreach activities for 28,275 Active Duty, National Guard, Reservists and family members from all branches of the military, based in the Denver, Colorado and southern Wyoming areas. If you are interested in learning more about how to support, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


The USO is a 501c3 private non-profit. We rely solely on support from our community. Thank you for your generous support.


We need your help to keep making connections! This isn’t about how fast or slow you are, instead it’s about what you can do to raise awareness.


We’ve created what we think is the perfect virtual event and tips for success to help you raise awareness and money for the USO from anywhere in the world! It’s called a “Virtual Run”, which offers a flexible alternative to organized races and events. Registration for the USO Denver Family, Home & Country Virtual 5K Run/Walk is open until Midnight MDT on April 30th, 2017.


What is it? A Virtual Run is a race that can be ran at any location. You have a flexible time frame in which to finish your race.


How does it work? First you register for the USO Denver Family, Home & Country Virtual 5K Run/Walk. You can register ($30 registration fee) at any time, up until 11:59pm April 30th. Your registration will come with a special USO Denver 5K shirt and medal shipped directly to you.


Run the 5k wherever you’d like (on your favorite local running trail, in your neighborhood, etc). This is on the honor system—you do not have to report or verify your miles! Not interested in running, walking or strolling but still want to participate for a chance at one of our great prizes? We have you covered! You can create a fundraising page for no cost and still be eligible for prizes! (Sorry, though—only run/walk entrants receive the official race shirt and medal.)


The Shirt: The shirt for the 2017 USO Denver Family, Home & Country Virtual 5K is a navy blue, 6.1 oz. 100% pre-shrunk cotton, generous fit, unisex, Hanes Tagless T-Shirt.


The Medal: All participants receive a finisher’s medal on a ribbon!


Did We Mention… We Have Prizes?!?!

We have two Grand Prizes*: one for the most money raised, and one for the greatest number of donations. Each individual personal fundraising page under the “USO Denver Family, Home & Country Virtual 5K” event on Crowdrise from now through April 30 will automatically be eligible to win.


Show your support for our troops and post photos from your run using #USODenverVirtualRun and #USOConnects on Instagram or Twitter for a chance to win another prize too!


Refund Policy: Due to the upfront nature of event costs, we have a uniform policy of no refunds, transfers or deferrals to a future event. We know that plans change and unexpected things come up, but we feel it is most fair to apply a uniform policy to all, instead of an arbitrary line of who merits a refund and who doesn’t. Thank you for your understanding.


Make sure that you are good to go when you sign up!


Virtual Run FAQ


Why should I do a virtual race? The short answer would be because they are fun. The more detailed top 4 reasons would include:


  • The chance to add a really cool medal to your collection.
  • Complete control over your schedule. Complete the race on your own time. No travel expenses, no hassle with parking and no long lines waiting at the restroom.
  • An opportunity to support a great cause. Our race benefits the USO.
  • …and last but not least, because running/walking/being active is awesome!


Who can participate? Everybody and anybody!  There is no age limit and there are no restrictions.  So run, jog, walk, crawl, run alone, run in a group, run with your pet, it doesn’t matter.  Just get out there!


Can I complete the race with a group? Yes!


Do I have to complete the distance all at one time or can I break it up into different days? No you are not required to run your distance all at one time. Feel free to break it up into several runs if you need to.


When will I receive my t-shirt and medal? Your t-shirt and medal will be ordered immediately after the registration deadline, and mailed out together as soon as they are received. (Not later than 6/30/17). We will send a shipping message, so you'll know when to expect them.


Do the medals come with a ribbon? Yes! Every medal will come with a ribbon!


I don’t live in the United States, (or I am currently deployed) can I still participate? Absolutely!!! Sign up today. Still have questions? Contact us and we will answer any questions you have.


Here is what you need to do to get started today… the sooner, the better!

  • Register ($30 fee) so you can receive your race shirt and medal by choosing the “Register” button (direct link) above! Don’t forget to create your personal fundraising page during the registration process! You can create a team to work together, or fundraise on your own.
  • Participants must register by April 30th to be guaranteed a shirt and medal
  • Create your own fundraising page by choosing “Join the event” and then “Start your fundraiser” to set up your personal fundraising page (direct link) as part of this event and send it to everyone you know! (Choose this option if you are fundraising only and not registering to receive the event shirt/medal.)
  • Set a goal!  A $100 goal is as simple as ten $10 donations from friends! A $500 goal can be met with twenty-five $20 donations from friends!  Think big and encourage your family and friends to support your efforts!!  You may even win our grand prize!!
  • Share your progress on social media networks—photos, progress reports on how far you have run or walked, and of course, your fundraising updates!
  • Use the hashtag #USODenverVirtualRun and #USOConnects on Instagram and Twitter.
  • Complete your run or walk by May 31, 2017.


Please check with your doctor regarding your ability to physically participate if you have not regularly exercised in the last 12 months prior to the race. They will probably suggest that there is no time like the present to start getting active! But be smart, don’t stress and stay healthy—we want you running or walking for USO Denver for a long time to come!


All donations to your personal fundraising page benefiting the USO on Crowdrise are tax-deductible!