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Supporting the Olympic Dream for Track and Field Athletes in Northern California and Northern Nevada

https://usatfpacificfoundation.org/ Tax ID 45-3074566


Who We Are

• Non-profit 501(c)(3) charity supporting athletes and coaches in track & field, cross country and long distance running, and race walking.

• All board members and officers of the Foundation are volunteers and members of the USATF Pacific Association.

What We Do

• Raise funds for Athlete Grants through Donations, Gifts, and Sponsorships.

• Coordinate with the USATF Pacific Association to identify candidates for grants.

• Since 2015, the Foundation has made over 40 grants to athletes and over 30 grants to coaches.

Why We Do It

• Many track & field athletes in our region have the potential to compete at a world-class level, but they must make significant sacrifices with their limited financial support.

• We support these athletes to help keep them compete in the sport and to increase the depth of high-level competition in our region and in the country.

• Our support helps offset training, travel, and living costs for athletes of modest means but high potential.

Learn more at usatfpacificfoundation.org