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Urban Edge Housing Corp.

Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with our neighbors in this time of crisis

www.urbanedge.org Tax ID 22-2483475


Urban Edge is dedicated to strengthening communities and families. Together, we build affordable housing and vibrant, prosperous neighborhoods.

Located where Boston’s Latin Quarter meets its historic African-American neighborhood at the crossroads of Jamaica Plain and Roxbury in Jackson Square we build quality affordable housing for low and moderate-income households; we advise hardworking families on homeowner services, financial education, and credit and debt counseling; and we organize neighbors to become leaders of community change.

In 1974, redlining, real estate speculation, and displacement of low-income families were tearing at the fabric of Boston communities. The determined resident opposition had succeeded in halting the extension of I-95 through the City, but the landscape sustained the scars of cleared land. That’s when community leaders came together and founded our agency to rebuild our neighborhood on the “urban edge.”