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“Untouchabality Eradication through Education”

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EVENT: Boston Marathon 2014

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“Untouchabality eradication through Education”
Education plays on important role for development of any one [untouchable, dalits] S C and ST not exempted. This advantage helpless students can be supported 100 childrens each Davanagere and Haveri district respectively the childrens from the poor families socially excluded groups [untouchable, disable, children on street, working childrens droup out can be identified from the urban and rural.]
The childrens from 6 to 18 year age group.
They can be enrolled in non formal, bridge and residential hostel. In this center non formal education can be provided for the dropout and working childrens, after on year the following academic year they are main stream to normal school.
The childrens involve in building construction work, agriculture labor, hotel, garage ,bonded labor, migrants for livelihood ,sheep and cow, goat rearing. 75% of girls childrens [schedule caste and schedule tribes] from this community could not complete of primary education [6 to 14 year education]
Type of childrens in non formal/bridge centre.
1.childrens from untouchable and dalit[poor and excluded] community.
2.street and rag packer childrns, orphans, disable and child labors.
3.childrens in distress .
4.other childrens.[ Devasis and sex workers childrens ]
Project period- 10 [ten] year.
We are covering 6 to 18 age group childrens offer completion of 10th vocational skill/job oriented courses can be important.
The trade computer training, carpenter ,welding , tailoring, fashion designing , motor rewinding ,spoken English, ext to be taught to them. After the training they are placed or avail money to start their own feet. So that they can leaded a dignified life in the society .
Our service Providing to childrens:
1. Food and residential hostel.
2. Safe drinking water.
3. Health care
4. Life skills.
5. Vocational trainings
6. Clothes and bed sheets.
7. Teaching [formal and non formal curriculum ]
8. Equal opportunity to girls and boys.
9. Counseling on need based of childrens.
10. Any other essential .

All ready we have childrens identified and counseling to parents and we sending the childrens photos and details.




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