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UNleashed is an all-volunteer license 501 c 3 nonprofit no-kill animal charity who is not funded through any local state or any federal tax dollars. We received no financial support from any Regional or national animal welfare organization. We are both state license and federally license as a shelter. We provide a cap adoption service based out of foster homes in and around the Keokuk County area Iowa. Our actual shelter location has to be kept as quiet as possible due to the need in this area. We are dedicated to the prosperity, health and the placement of the cats we can reach, through our adoption program. Our mission is to provide a temporary an infinite safe haven for the homeless cats and kittens, until the cats in our care find their loving forever homes. Our goal is to educate and assist the community in regard to cat welfare. We do all we can to ensure a happy ever ending for every cat we reach. We strive and work hard everyday to rescue and care for homeless cats and kittens. It's a labor of love, and that labor of love includes, attending to the cats medical needs as well as spaying and neutering, vaccinating and injuring everyday essentials. Most importantly, we do all we can to help minimize and control the local stray cat population and help cats live Better Lives. We offer the only shelter in our area. Your tax-deductible donations help us provide, transportation, meals, litter and litter boxes, toys, cages vetting procedures(spaying & neutering), Medical check-ups , worming medication, flea treatment, TNRs, everyday Basic Essentials such as housing (heating/cooling & water). Through your generous charitable contributions we hope they continue to provide these Basics. We are an exempt organization as described in section 501 c 3 of the Internal Revenue code;Our EIN is 82-3356929. Thank you so much for the support cat lovers!!

http://www.unleashedrescue.org Tax ID 82-3356929


Our mission is to educate about cat welfare and provide shelter where there is no shelter before. 

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