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Universal Chan

Be happy and free by joining us in meditation, Dharma talks, retreats, tea tastings, and daily life practice! Universal Chan International Zen Buddhist Center is a donation-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that offers Chinese Zen Teachings. Our Dharma talk and meditation classes are led by Chan monk Da Xing Fashi. At Universal Chan we do a wide variety of activities ranging from those more commonly practiced in many Buddhist centers, such as sitting meditation, to lesser known methods such as exercise and bowing Chan. Our Center also offers yoga, tai chi, and stretching classes. In addition, we provide retreats of different time lengths in California and abroad to beginners, advanced practitioners, and monastics.

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Derived from the Chinese Chan (Chinese ‘禪’, Japanese ‘Zen’) Tradition and founded by Dharma Master Da Xing, Universal Chan International Zen Buddhist Center operates mainly in Asia, Europe, and the USA, but we are open to be active in other countries as well. Compared to Asian countries where Buddhism is a prevalent religion, the USA has only been exposed to Buddhism for less than a century. Many active Buddhist schools across the USA are of Hinayana, Vajrayana, Mahayana, Chan, Japanese Zen, and doctrinal studies. All these traditions come from different countries and consequently reflect cultural influences and inflections specific to their place of origin. Although the Chinese Chan Tradition is present, we hope we can give our contribution to spread this wonderful teaching. It is a great pity that the vast majority of westerners have not been exposed to Chinese Chan, and even fewer people are able to use Chan Buddhism to improve their lives.

The goal of the organization and of its affiliations is to spread the Chan Teachings to deeply benefit those interested in learning the teachings of the Buddha.

In doing this, we use a modern approach rooted in ancient tradition to expose people to other aspects of ancient Chinese culture connected to this teaching.