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The Jerusalem Prayer Project (JPP) is a platform for musicians, artists, filmmakers, and activists committed to peace through prayer and creative action.

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The Jerusalem Prayer Project (JPP), founded in 2015, is a Los Angeles based multimedia non-profit production company, designed to create original content and build a global platform for musicians, artists, filmmakers and activists committed to peace-building from a uniquely Interfaith perspective.

Among JPP's many projects,  is our first documentary project, ‘WARRIORS OF THE HEART: Women Wage Peace’, which chronicles the movement in Israel and Palestine.

As events in Israel and Palestine unfold on a daily basis, the stakes for peace in the region couldn't be higher, yet news coverage of the inspiring work of interfaith, grassroots organizers who are making real progress toward reconciliation outside of official channels, is virtually non-existent and therefore the mission of the Jerusalem Prayer Project.

In the first quarter of 2020 JPP plans to complete its first documentary in its 'Warriors of the Heart' series on the Women Wage Peace movement in Israel and Palestine and is seeking immediate funding to that end.  From its inception in 2014, in the aftermath of the highly destructive Gaza/Israeli war, Women Wage Peace began with a handful of Palestinian and Israeli women and has since grown to over 45,000 members.  It has become the largest, most dynamic and publicly visible movement for peace in the Holy Land, where thousands of women are courageously demanding that their leaders on both sides return to the negotiation table to make ‘peace’ their highest priority.

‘Warriors of the Heart: Women Wage Peace’, tells a remarkable story, at a remarkable time and after three years of development, field production, and editing, the documentary project is entering the final stretch.

These women are creating a unique breakthrough towards grassroots engagement in the face of war, entrenched patriarchy and an ‘architecture’ of separation. They are part of the rise of inclusive global feminism at the heart of a new wave of peacebuilding in the Middle East.  JPP is committed to bringing their story and others to a global audience.

This is a time when women around the world are rising up and assuming political and economic power in record numbers, as exemplified by the 2018 US Congressional elections. The story behind ‘Women Wage Peace’ connects to the broader sociopolitical transformations happening today.  It’s about` women, facing tremendous odds, challenging the status quo of endless cycles of stigmatization, marginalization, and demonization. It’s about hope, healing through inclusivity.

Our immediate goal is to raise 25,000 to pay our producing and editorial staff to deliver this story to completion. An additional 25,000 is being sought to develop and execute our marketing campaign for worldwide documentary distribution, beginning in the Spring of 2020.