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Unitarian Universalist Rowe Camp & Conference Center

Non-profit Camp & Conference Center in Rowe, MA



The Rowe Center is a magical place cherished by the thousands of people  who have come here for relaxation, education, community, spiritual  nurturance, and love. There is a special spirit here of honesty,  creativity, and respect that people rarely find in other parts of their  lives.  Our purpose is to help people make better sense of their lives  and help them make their world a better place in which to live. Our  mission is to provide opportunities for people to explore diverse,  far-reaching subjects in order to learn about themselves, each other,  our cultures and the earth, and go forth with new knowledge, insight,  and courage. We do this by offering, in a safe and supportive  environment, camp and conference programs that touch people's depths and  have a lasting effect.