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We exist to mobilize local communities to fight sex trafficking through prevention, community engagement and education, and aftercare for survivors of sex trafficking.

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We mobilize communities and fight sex trafficking through:

- Prevention. We run weekly and monthly programs at King County's juvenile detention centers and provide prevention education at King County middle schools. In the fall of 2016, over 125 prevention sessions were given with at-risk youth and in 2017, we are providing prevention education to over 500 youth.

- Community Engagement. Each of us has a responsibility to fight injustices in our community. We engage professionals in each sphere of society to educate and equip our community members to join the fight.

- Aftercare. Through our Hope House, we provide long-term aftercare for adult women who have survived sex trafficking. We are King County's only aftercare home to house women over 24 years old. The Hope House provides a home for survivors and involves a holistic healing environment of case management, licensed mental health counseling, access to medical and dental care, access to chemical dependency treatment, and a "family" for survivors of commercial sexual exploitation.

Join us as we seek to fight the injustices in our city and in the world.