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A walk across the University of Michigan campus is an absorbing experience. The atmosphere is palpable, rich with the spirit of potential, the heritage of past achievements, and the vitality of inquiry and discovery.

So much happens here.

The University of Michigan holds the promise of a different life: A sophomore discovers Thoreau and Woolf. A research scientist identifies a critical gene. A heart patient lives longer and better. An artist creates unforeseen beauty. A professor hones a revolutionary theory. A student discovers they can be an advocate. An athlete achieves a championship dream.

It is this breadth of accomplishment and activity in Ann Arbor, Dearborn and Flint - and beyond - that separates Michigan from other institutions. Students, faculty and staff from all fields have the opportunity to explore, excel, and achieve more here than they would have thought imaginable.

Tax ID: 38-6006309 •


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