Young Adult Service Fund 2013

Young Adult Service Fund 2013 Photo
Young Adult Service Fund 2013 Photo

The Story


Every year hundreds, if not thousands, of young adults participate in programs and ministries connected to the United Methodist Church which give them opportunity for spiritual formation through missional engagement. These are Summer intern programs, staff for camps, youth ministries and vacation bible schools, year-long mission placments, intentional communities, vocational discernment cohorts, etc.  When the church asks, "Where are all the young people?" the answer is, "They are serving God through ministries like these."



These young people are supported by program leadership and denominational dollars, because the church recognizes their energy, commitment, and potential.  But the church's budgets are shrinking, and many programs that engage young adults face the limitations of decreasing institutional funds.



This shared fundraising campaign is a new opportunity to match donors and young disciples,  to connect young people with the perfect missional opportunity and to tell their story,  to help ignite a flame of service and mission through young people across the UMC, and to create relationships that lead toward sustainability for these ministries and for the transformation of the world.



Please join us by supporting your young person today!  Each team listed here represents a distinct ministry through which young people are serving.  Each project represents a young person enlisting support for their missional experience.  So find a team or a young adult that you want to encourage, make a donation, read their story, and join us in this movement of missional Methodism led by young people for Jesus Christ!

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Motown Mission 2013

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