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A global village starts anew with promoting sustainable development in poor communities Africa

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With the global economy still in a recovery stage, the world as a whole need to focus on new strategies to re-introduce sustainability as the right approach to help make the world a better place. With the world now looking more like a global village, where something happening in a far away village in a remote African country impacts the rest of the world in minutes, the more fortunate need to adapt a new strategy that empowers people to meet their own needs instead of send aides to them; this strategy has been proven to help lessened the burden on the developed nations from sending aide around the world in the spirit of "humanitarian assistance", which, most times, does not reach it's intended target population. So Ujima4africa.org has teamed up with a high school in Sacramento, California, to launch USA4Africa as a project project, that will address socioeconomic development in the Africa nation of Sierra Leone, (made popular by the movie "Blood Diamond"). Our goal is to embark on a path to educate and empower communities in Sierra Leone, so people can learn how to be self-sustainable and regain their self-worth and pride,

We need support from about 100,000 (One hundred "global citizens" to help make this hapen by "investing" an average of $10.00 to help implement a 3 year pilot project in Sierra Leone, that will be replicated in other developing communities around the world. Our initial target goal is to raise $50.00 for intial set-up cost in Sacramento, where a team will be trained in operating in Sierra Leone, and to offset set-up cost in the pilot country of Sierra Leone.



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