Ugly Christmas Sweater Fundraiser

Ugly Christmas Sweater Fundraiser Photo
Ugly Christmas Sweater Fundraiser Photo
Ugly Christmas Sweater Fundraiser Photo
Ugly Christmas Sweater Fundraiser Photo
Ugly Christmas Sweater Fundraiser Photo
Ugly Christmas Sweater Fundraiser Photo

The Story

( My incredible mission trip to  Uganda, Africa)

     My name is DeCarmen, with the help of Patrica Redix, Linda Redix and Destynee Foreman, we started a Children's Home project in 2011 in Uganda, Africa.  After our initial mission trip to Uganda, Africa, we saw a tremendous need for help. 75 children had lost their homes due to mudslides and landslides in Bududa, Uganda, Africa. The Ugandans live at the bottom of the mountain. They build their homes and farms on the slope of the mountain. However, when it rains during the monsoon season, mudslides occur and cause mud to cover the entire village. Homes are lost and many people die. In 2010 one of the largest mudslides destroyed the village, which resulted in over 300 missing people.  

When we found the children many were in bad condition.... The children were placed in a facility where they were wasting away. The children were lucky to receive one meal a day.  I witnessed one of the kids pass out due to heat stroke simply because they did not have running water.  The conditions were horrible. We brought supplies, but it was only enough to sustain the kids for about a week. After our time in Africa, we heard that a few of the kids we met had died due to starvation, suicide and lack of medication. We started taking in children who were victims of the mudslides in 2010. However, over the years we were only able to address the needs of 16 children. There are many more left without a home. Mudslides continue to affect the area and orphan more children. Another mudslide struck Bududa this year, May 2016.

Our goal is to build a larger facility to provide a home for more children. It is hard to support a full-functioning home without enough funding. We are currently renting, but the building is small and very costly. The government is pushing us to get our own land and building, otherwise we risk getting shut down. They want to know we are serious about providing for our children.


We need Compassionate Givers...

who are inspired to give the gift of Love & Hope!

Every year, we invite the community to join us at the orphanage for

a day of Celebration. A day to come together as brothers and sisters

to celebrate and Bring Christmas to the children. We need your help to make this an extra special day.

Give a gift of love and hope, donate to our

Community Christmas Celebration

December 25, 2016

Don't have a lot to donate? No Worries. You can fund-raise for us! Click on our BECOME A FUNDRAISER Tab and start your own campaign! 
Get involved with our new UGLY SWEATER FUNDRAISER. Donate your time to ask everyone within your network to SAVE THE CHILDREN and SAVE YOU from having to wear the UGLY SWEATER.
 See your impact; Use #GOWATCCH #UGLYSWEATER  when you share on your social platform. Personalize it, share your story, invite others to help you be a WATCCH advocate.

The person who raises the least amount will have to post a video on social media while wearing the UGLY SWEATER and singing a song.

The winners will get bragging rights, a promo video highlighting their victory and the fun of choosing the song our Watcch philanthropist has to sing. 


Reach out to your network and share this on your social media platforms. Share with others and ask them to do the same. Get connected with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & YouTube. #PayItForward #UglySweater #Donate #GoWATCCH