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Uganda Counseling and Support Services

Bringing transformation to Eastern Uganda one community at a time

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UCSS’s mission is to improve the quality of life and spread God’s love to people in remote communities of Uganda by providing social services, counseling and spiritual development – one community at a time. UCSS is using a holistic approach that addresses clean water, medical care, education, economic development, counseling and spiritual development.

UCSS’s chose to start its ministry in the region of Bulike because its 48,000 residents have nothing, no clean water, medical care, schools, electricity or sewage system. The goal is to help each community become self-sufficient to the point where outside resources are no longer necessary. People will enjoy a higher quality of life and over time will become more tolerant and caring. The vision is to replicate this model from one community to another using a “train the trainer” approach so that over time all of Uganda is transformed.