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Tax ID: 41-2123008
BASED: Austin, TX, United States

CHARITY WEBSITE: http://www.ubuntu.life

Our Mission

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Our goal is to provide access to essential services and promote social inclusion for children with special educational and physical needs throughout Kenya. To achieve this goal, Ubuntu Life supports two key programs, the Ubuntu Special Needs Centre (SNC) and Ubuntu Health.

Ubuntu Life's SNC is eliminating stigma, fostering inclusion, and providing essential services for children with special needs. We provide physical rehabilitation services and individualized learning programs for our students while also mobilizing a growing network of advocates for child rights and special needs inclusion.

The goal of Ubuntu Life's Heal program is to provide access to life-saving health care and consistent follow up for children that would otherwise fall through the cracks. Through the work of our team in Kenya and our partners in the US, we are fighting to ensure that all children have a place to turn and that the cycle of poverty doesn't prevent a child from having a childhood.

In Maai Mahiu and surrounding communities, few families can afford or access consistent health care, especially specialized care (i.e. neural and cardiac care). This leads to children fighting treatable issues that prevent them from attending school, growing strong, or sometimes living. We provide access to essential care through our team of Community Health Workers and pediatricians as well as the generosity of our quarterly medical teams that host clinics and train local physicians.

Tax ID: 41-2123008 • http://www.ubuntu.life


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