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Twins Cafe & Restaurant

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Have you Imagined That What If you Had A Great time In Cafe With A Means of Waitresses which are A Pairs of IDENTICAL TWINS? Help Me!


It’s a Café and Restaurant which have all the necessity , comfort and standards to spent a nice time with your family,friends and also with your beloved ones. Our café and restaurant is more like different from other ones in mainly with the ‘Waitresses’. In our project (Twins Café & Restaurant),as the name indicates, there are pairs of twins which they serve as a waitress. This is very impressive to look at them and served by one of these Identical Twins. We are hoping that customers will come with the reason which they develop a good relation with them also many of these customers like our café & restaurant in its uniqueness which they will not get it in other places.

Just imagine for a minute, a Girl came and said “hello Sir, I’m Maggie, your Waitress. May I take your orders,please”

You: “wooow..you look so cute! Just have me a cupcake, please”

Maggie: “ my pleasure Sir,I will come with your choice in 2 minutes. But Sir, don’t be confused if you have seen a girl which looks like exactly same with me .she is my twin sister Christi. There is name Tag on her shirt. We both are Waitresses in this Twins Café & Restaurant. We both are really happy in mainly because of it differs from others with we twins have a chance to initiate people happiness and to make look enjoyment in different perspective”.

You: “Oh yeah!!! I have seen her a while before,that’s amazing, I was about to ask you about her”. Maggie: “okay Sir, have a nice time! See you later!”

Its nice ha?..In our café & restaurant, we had found 3 pairs of twins(6 girls each 2 are identical twins) which they will serve as a waitresses.The waitresses are cute looking, brilliantly minded and also actually have a cool behavior as we have seen them in the audition before we chosen them.

Our project specifications includes :-

20000$,it’s used to wage of the waitresses for at least two months until our project reaches to the settlement. Since they are the main source of income, i think we should have to pay them with considering that.

10000$,it’s used to purchase different materials that are very important to our project like tables & chairs, kitchen goods, green trees and flowers, different interior design, ingredients of recipes and more..


10000$,it’s used for house rental fee which our café & restaurant would be placed, somehow it can pay for 3 months because the house we got to rental is 10000$ per month. 


10000$,it’s utilized for purchasing a car. used for home based service from our café & restaurant to different places. also these car used us for advertisement purpose with sticking our logo on it.


So please Backers, Make our dream came true and let it be real with your help.



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