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Truth and Transparency Foundation

Religious accountability through impact journalism

https://truthandtransparency.org/ Tax ID 82-3310138


Truth & Transparency is a nonprofit newsroom dedicated to religious accountability through impact journalism. Founded upon the belief that increased transparency results in fewer untruths, less corruption, and less abuse the organization provides sources and whistleblowers the technical ability to anonymously submit sensitive documents and other vital tips to assist in exposing abuses of religious power.

In order to produce the most impactful stories, Truth & Transparency concentrates on the following areas:

Donors deserve to know how their donations are being spent. Further, the great wealth of many religious institutions allows them to deeply influence society.

Policies that are not widely disseminated leave room to oppress the most vulnerable of a religion's membership.

Religious constituents can be better protected from abuse and harassment if essential details surrounding previous incidents and investigations are well known.