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TTV works to protect free and fair elections.

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True the Vote is leading a  nationwide litigation initiative to defend the Consititutional rights of all voters against the schemes of bureacrats and special interest groups who are advancing a well-crafted strategy to destroy election integrity through forced reliance on unstable, untested, insecure processes. 

Under the fog of  COVID-19, in just the past two months,  more than 25 lawsuits and bureaucratic fiats have been filed across the country to mandate universal mail-in ballots, legalize vote harvesting, remove security provisions, and more.   When you consider that the groups pushing these efforts are the same groups that have been suing states to prevent the cleaning of state voter rolls and stopping Voter ID,  it all starts to make sense.  Engineered chaos provides the best opportunity to control outcomes.  

Do not stand by and watch this happen. If you want your vote to count and be counted you must act now. Together, we can end the abuse and take back the power of free and fair elections.  If we do not fight, they will not stop.