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Triple G Relief

To provide freshly prepared, energizing, nutritious and uplifting food to those in need at designated disaster relief locations.

http://triplegrelief.org/ Tax ID 46-3051047


All portions of Triple G Relief are first made possible by the generous donations from the public of which enable the ability for Triple G Relief to travel and serve the communities deviated by disasters. We are an all volunteer based non profit and have stood by that since day one. All proceeds go to the deployment and tools needed to make sure we are able to feed the victims, first responders, military servicemen and volunteer groups with the hopes of not turning down anyone if at all possible. Through all the following events, we always plan to begin feeding the public within 24 hours upon arrival once we have worked out our location with local authorities to provide a safe and secure location. Donating, posting, sharing, volunteering are the most important things that help make all this possible and it is to YOU that we owe a tremendous amount of THANKS to for helping make this all possible to help our organization support our neighbors in a time of need.  KCCO