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WARRIOR CARE: Soul Care, Inner Healing for Veterans of War Zones

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Welcome to Transforming Glory Ministries WARRIOR CARE.  

We are called to help veterans BEFORE they reach full blown crisis mode.  We exist to be a buffer before a veteran reaches full blown crisis mode, and before a veteran reaches the point of wanting to commit suicide. We are a faith based, veteran co-founded 501c3 Christian organization based in the Westminster/Broomfield area in Colorado. We work remotely so distance and location is not an issue.

We are dedicated to SOUL CARE and INNER HEALING of VETERANS who have been deployed in war zones; either in direct combat operations, or who were there in a supporting role in any capacity.

Our WARRIOR CARE ministry exists to provide spiritual care to veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Memories, Grief, Loss, Moral Injuries, Soul Wounds,  Guilt, Remorse, Loss of Purpose or Hope, those who may be having a Faith Crisis, those who need support reintegrating back into civilian life, or those who need Marriage Care for issues related to deployments. We also care for veteran spouses who are experiencing secondary stress. We work with veterans from every branch of service, and  from every generation of wars and conflicts.

The way we DO our work is by patiently listening, and by providing biblically based  coaching, mentoring, personal ministry, and by providing prayer support.  As a non-denominational ministry, we desire to work with any veteran who is open and willing to the idea of receiving help and hope from the God of all hope, who values and respects the Word of God  (the Bible) and who is willing to give spiritual care an honest try as part of their healing process. That's all we ask in order to help us, help them.

We don't charge veterans or their spouses for our services - to do so would be another barrier to them receiving care. We rely on donations and sponsorships. We can work remotely so distance is never an issue, allowing us to help veterans who reach out to us from any location.  Veterans can have as many sessions as needed, for as many issues as needed, for as long as they need, and can return at any time in the future if new issues arise that we can assist with.