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Revelation Ministries, Inc.

Help Us to be Heard

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The new Torch & Trumpet Theatre Company burst forth to overwhelming acclaim in winter 2019 and then suffered a devastating blow in the spring of 2020.  After dedicated hours of rehearsal time, aspiring youth, committed crew, families, and volunteers were not allowed to meet due to the government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Money had already been spent, yet there would be no show.    

Deeply, the ministry knows the story needs to be shared -  the one of redemption, hope, and a better future for the hearts, minds, and souls of the stressed, hurting, and frightened. With your gift, they will recover their losses from the COVID-19 fallout and once again reach the young and old with the uplifting message of the Gospel. This is the ministry's passion!  

And to add to the problem, the FCC changes is forcing the company to purchase new sound equipment, or otherwise the audience will not be able to hear them from the stage. The old microphones will no longer work.   

Your gift is essential to this ministry’s outreach because your help will help the ministry to be heard, and the story of hope be given away this Christmas and Easter to all who come to us in south Florida.    

No matter the times of uncertainty, chaos, or conflict, Torch & Trumpet Theatre company stands committed to good family, faith-based entertainment for all generations through inspiring, wholesome, and uplifting stories.   Will you send a gift today? 

Torch & Trumpet Theatre Company is a subsidiary of Revelation Ministries, Inc.  They are a Christian performing arts ministry consisting of volunteers from around south Florida, and from all walks of life and denominational backgrounds, who come together to share the love of Jesus through a variety of family, faith based productions. It is with music, drama and dance they reach the lost with the powerful saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.