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Tooomer's for Tuscaloosa

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Andrea Smith


Short Version: Just a volunteer that is asking for you to sponsor me as I help with clean-up efforts through Toomer's for Tuscaloosa for the next few days. PLEASE :)

Longer, more detailed, possibly the most ADD "About Me" you have ever read...........
Hey ya'll! For those of you that don't know me.... I am Andrea. Or Dre, Smitty, War Eagle, Bama, Alabama, and my least favorite Alabamdrea. Since moving to Wilmington, NC almost two years ago I have become known as "that girl from Alabama". The daughter of TWO Alabama fans, I was the rebel and declared to bleed orange and blue. This girl is all Auburn.

If you asked me when I was little what I wanted to be when I grew up.. I would tell you a meteorologist. Hey, I even one a career day prize in the fifth grade with a poster and poem about how I meteorologist wanted to be "just like Karen Shipman." She was one of the local meteorologist on WTVM, a station, ironically, I would work for from the ages of 19 to 23. But not as the meteorologist. I was the temp filling in at the front desk for two weeks at Christmas. Yeah, I forgot to leave after my two weeks were up. That was until I decided I wanted to work in movies, I packed up my stuff and headed north. 

I am currently "on vacation" back home in Phenix City for a few weeks before going back to work. My fascination with the weather has never gone away. So last Thursday when the weather started getting a little spooky, I canceled dinner plans, and set up my own little "weather center." Dorky I know, but hey, I have always been a math and science person.

I was watching ABC 33/40 live online when the tornado hit Tuscaloosa, and then again when it hit Birmingham. My hometown was lucky, everything was north of us. After finding out that my friend that did live in TTown was ok (thank God for facebook- my text messages hadn't been going through to her phone) I went right back to the science of it all.

Then the next day the pictures hit the internet. I was floored at the devastation. I had gotten so caught up in the science part of it, that I forgot to remember the aftermath. I have watched my state as a whole band together as one, at at time when we couldn't have been much more divided.

If you're not from the south, its hard to understand us "Crazy Football Southerns" but we live, eat, and breathe our schools down here. Alabama is a state that has two back to back National Championships and Heisman Trophy winners... the rivalry has been at an all time high.

However, it doesn't matter who your team is at this point and time. We are all doing what we can to help. I have been following a group that was created immediately to help with the efforts around the state. Toomer's for Tuscaloosa has been formed by Auburn fans to help those hit by the tornado in Tuscaloosa as well as other areas around the state.

I have one more week before I return to North Carolina. I have decided that I will be volunteering my free time until then. I'm just asking you to sponsor my efforts if you can. It doesn't have to be an astronomical amount of money, every little bit helps. I will also keep this page updated with what I am doing and who I am helping to encourage you to spread the words to your friends, family, co-workers, or anyone else you think might be able to help. If you can not donate your time or money, please don't forget about giving blood or dropping supplies off at local drop off points. Go to http://www.toomers4tuscaloosa.com/ for more information about donations! All money raised will be donated to the American Red Cross for Tornado Relief.  




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