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Tongyan Chinese School Corp

www.tongyantang.org Tax ID 81-1207119


TongYan school is located in Jersey City, New Jersey, separated from Manhattan by a river. The school was established in Spring of 2014 and it seeks to improve community diversity by promoting Chinese culture, teaching Chinese and improving young children’s Chinese communication skills. The successful beginning has gained increasing attentions and supports in the following two years.In Spring 2016, TongYan School has officially registered as a non-profit organization which provides service to local community. We started to hire professional teaching faculties, open enrollment to all age-level students. The School offers weekend Chinese Language Curriculum Class and Chinese Language as a Second Language (CSL) Class. Besides, various cultural and art classes will satisfy the needs of students and parents such as painting, piano, soccer etc. TongYan School strives to succeed in fully developing students’ Chinese culture and taking responsibility of community diversity achievement.

The school was conferred 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt status granted by the US federal government.