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Tompkins County Workers Center Inc

Together, creating a dignified and just workplace and society

http://www.tcworkerscenter.org/ Tax ID 45-3135903


The Mission of the Tompkins County Workers’ Center is to stand up  with  all people treated unfairly at work. We will  support,  advocate for, and seek to empower each  other to create a more just community  and  world.

Support. We listen, provide information,  encouragement and strategize with workers through our hotline,  trainings, outreach, presentations and tabling.

Advocacy. We advocate with and on behalf of workers  regardless of employment status who are being treated unfairly: to  correct problems, end workers’ rights violations, improve conditions and  set standards of employer behavior.

Empowerment. We encourage and deepen grassroots leaders’ organizing skills to create change in their own and others’ lives.

Movement-Building. We educate and shape community  values and standards of economic rights and employer behavior through  networking, coalition-building and solidarity.