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Tolani Lake Enterprises Inc

Our mission at Tolani Lake Enterprises is to cultivate healthy, safe, and prosperous communities by strengthening food, water, and economic systems for our Native communities in the lower Little Colorado River Valley, empowering our youth, and promoting Native cultural knowledge. Our vision is for a future where all our relations thrive in sustainable, economically viable, andenvironmentally responsible native communities.Our mission and programs are interwoven with a common theme of working in partnership to heal the land. Through healing the land, the people heal.

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At To Lani Enterprises we’re planting seeds this spring in the usual way and by way of a crowd funding campaign to help grow and share good food across our little corner of the reservation.  Grow Our Own will bring in needed funds to keep what we’ve started going.


The new season brings changes.  You’ll see that the fruit orchard we planted last year is budding. The used hoop house we found is full of greens, tomatoes, chilies, garlic and onions watered by rain caught from our office roof. We have plans for a high tech greenhouse, new beds, summer youth Green Teams to help us here and to build gardens around the community, and a new food co-op to share what we’re growing.


On top of all that, we’re hosting an organic gardening course with 12 ‘heirlooms’ –Navajo and Hopi students—working together on building soil, planting, growing… It’s amazing.


Grow Our Own will help us keep the momentum going. We can build more garden beds, work with youth in garden to learn skills and traditional stories, form summer youth Green Teams that can work with families to build home gardens and start growing their own food again.


The food system is broken on Navajo—only 10 grocery stores on the reservation serve nearly 174,000 people spread over more than 27,000 square miles. One out of every three people here have or are at risk of diabetes. Although there is demand for traditional foods, few farmers are growing food like in the old days. Many have turned to employment and farm part time or not at all.


We want to make a change and want to ask you to be a part of it.


Our goal is to raise $50,000 in this campaign. 


Your contribution can help us accomplish these initiatives:

  • Build 20 more garden beds
  • Finish our greenhouse with stronger fabric, shade and fans
  • Catch and store scarce rain to water the gardens and trees
  • Teach and mentor 20 young people how to garden this summer
  • Share and sell real, local, healthy food in a new Local Food Co-op


Be a part of the growing grassroots movement to rebuild Indigenous communities from the ground up.


Please join us by donating to Grow Our Own!