To Hell & Back 2015



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To Hell & Back 2015 Photo
To Hell & Back 2015 Photo
To Hell & Back 2015 Photo
To Hell & Back 2015 Photo
To Hell & Back 2015 Photo
To Hell & Back 2015 Photo
To Hell & Back 2015 Photo
To Hell & Back 2015 Photo

The Story

EVENT DATE: Oct 17, 2015

To Hell & Back is a bicycle tour that will test your limits.


The trip is 120 miles of paved & dirt roads, urban and rural areas, and plenty of hills. Take a Hell of a Ride - Make a Hell of a Difference.


On October 17th & 18th , 2015 Eastside Teen Outreach’s executive youth director, Doug Trocino will once again be riding his bike from Eastside Teen Outreach’s home base in Eastpointe to Hell (Michigan) and back, 120 miles round trip.  He has made this trip several times before but he is no athlete, and the prior times he did this, it took weeks to recover.  So why would he do something like this? Because along with each of these teens that attend ETO comes a story


Doug Trocino is the executive director of Eastside Teen Outreach located at 15800 E. 10 Mile, Eastpointe, MI along with his wife Deena and a great team of volunteers.  ETO has been working with teens in southeast Macomb County since 2006. They have seen literally hundreds of kids come through their doors.  Over the past 9 years, they have seen far too many teens dealing with issues like abuse, bullying, rape, depression, cutting, pregnancy, STDs, suicide attempts, drug and alcohol addiction and more.  These issues are real, they’re serious, and these kids need a safe place where they can find acceptance, guidance and hope. Eastside Teen Outreach has been that safe place for local teens. 


Since Doug & Deena Trocino began their ministry, they can’t count the number of young lives that have changed for the better because there are so many.  Teens are learning to respect themselves and others, learning to rise above their circumstances, learning that their situations are temporary and that there is hope for the future.  They’ve watched teens go from being on the verge of dropping out of high school to not only finishing, but going on to the military and/or college. They’ve watched depression turn in to joy. They’ve seen teens freed from addiction. They’ve watched as broken lives become whole.  Doug & Deena say, “It is truly amazing to watch young lives transform for the better once they realize they are important and they are loved.”


So in honor of these teens, Doug Trocino and many others, including a few of the ETO teens, will be riding their bicycles to Hell and Back. Hell, Michigan that is. They are riding to bring awareness to the epidemic of bullying, the epidemic of teen dating violence, the epidemic of teen substance abuse, pregnancy, depression, cutting, and suicide attempts. They are riding to raise the needed funds to continue the Eastside Teen Outreach’s mission to reach local teens by providing positive programs and services to help them succeed in life.


Eastside Teen Outreach is now open every day afterschool to allow teens to do homework, get tutoring and participates in special interest groups like writing & poetry, photography, video & film production and many more. The funds raised from the “To Hell & Back Ride” will assist this much needed program for local teens.


This is the first year the “To Hell & Back Ride” will be a bike-a-thon. Other youth serving organizations have been invited to participate and raise money for their own organizations to help kids.


Doug Trocino’s vision for this annual “To Hell & Back Ride” is to continue growing in size by partnering with many more groups & organizations serving children and teens to raise awareness of the special needs as well and bring in the necessary funds to keep these great organizations going.


He sees this as the “signature fundraising event” for youth serving organizations. Will you stand with Doug & Deena Trocino and Eastside Teen Outreach to support your local youth? 


There is still time to join in the ride. Everyone is welcome. Registration opens at 6:00pm on Friday, October 16th at Eastside Teen Outreach or you may register online anytime at


The Kick-off of the “To Hell & Back Ride” will be at 7:00am on Saturday, October 17th at Eastside Teen Outreach at 15800 E. 10 Mile Rd, Eastpointe, 48021.


All are welcome to attend the “Return from Hell Celebration” on Sunday, October 18th.  Festivities start at 4:00pm at Eastside Teen Outreach.  Food and refreshments will be available. Please join ETO as they welcome the riders back from Hell.


Eastside Teen Outreach is a faith-centered 501(c)3 charity on the border of Eastpointe and Roseville, Michigan serving teens throughout southeast Macomb County since 2008.

Eastside Teen Outreach meets an important need in our communities – to provide a safe environment for teens in 6th through 12th grade to connect and interact with each other in positive ways.  Teens find hope and purpose through weekly meetings, life groups, dramatic arts, music, fitness, support groups, and through the examples of leaders who invest time into their lives by helping them overcome the negative influences in their lives and by giving them the tools and resources to make better choices.


The group that became Eastside Teen Outreach started with a handful of teens in 2006 and grew to over one hundred before formally incorporating two years later.  Eastside Teen Outreach has served hundreds of teens since its founding.


Call 586-447-TEEN (8336) or visit for information on how you can help make a difference in the lives of today’s youth.