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Our Mission is to end the spread of HIV in poor and rural areas of Malawi through theatre, education, and access.

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T!AN’s vision is a just, prosperous, and healthy Malawi, free from the burdens of HIV. 

We plan to accomplish this vision through our mission, which is to end the spread of HIV in poor and rural areas of Malawi through theatre, education, and access. 

We believe strongly in our values as a non-profit, which include:

We lean into creative solutions 

We are learners leading change 

We are empowered by diversity 

We are stewards of the resources entrusted to us 

We fulfill our mission with accountability and responsibility 

We are resourceful and imaginative 

We are respectful to people and places

We have been in operation since 2009. Our programs include:

Theatre to End HIV | Our outreach volunteers perform a show about HIV in a village, where 200-2,000 people attend. We focus on the following three points: knowing your HIV status, protecting yourself and others from spreading the virus, taking the ARV medication if you are positive. We have successfully educated over 100,000 Malawians, supported the testing for over 8,400 Malawians, and distributed more than 70,000 condoms. We partner with organizations to provide in-village HIV testing during this time.

Stronger Together HIV Community Village Groups | We initiated this program in 2020 after seeing a need for community led change. We create a group of 20 villagers, provide a week of HIV education, and then provide weekly follow up meetings where we work with this community group to create their own songs, plays, poems, and dances about HIV. They will then perform these within their village.

ARV Equal Access Program | Access to ARV medication can at times be the difference between someone defaulting and becoming sick and someone remaining on their medication and healthy. There are two parts to this program:

     -One part is our mobile medicine clinic. We partner with organizations to provide in-village ARV collection days. To remove stigma we also will provide general vaccination and health checkups.

     -The other part of this is creating HIV+ clusters in the village where they can be registered with a local clinic and one representative can travel to get the medicine for everyone in that cluster. This saves many villagers time and money.

Rebuild Primary Schools | This program rebuilds primary schools that are unsafe or unusable. Keeping kids in school longer reduces their risk of contracting HIV.