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Twelfth Night Productions (TNP) is dedicated to building an inclusive, strong, artistically sound West Seattle community through the performing arts. The TNP ensemble provides a home for local artists to develop and practice their craft, an environment for students of all ages to learn about the performing arts, and a place for community members to participate in the arts in a variety of ways.

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TNP’s signature production is our annual summer musical involving 70 or more artists, including a full pit orchestra; lighting, set, and costume designers; and community members from all over the Puget Sound wishing to participate in the performing arts. It is within the context of this production that our mission to provide apprenticeship opportunities and enriching arts education experiences for people of all ages really shines, including TNP’s commitment to lifelong learning. 

We believe that the importance of an arts education does not end simply because a person is no longer in school. To that end, TNP invites community members of all ages and stages in life to join us and learn from the more seasoned members of our organization. During our summer productions, company members have learned the art of costuming from a professional costume artist; lighting design from a working professional lighting designer; tap dancing from a Broadway performing choreographer; and directing from our very own Artistic Director. 

As we have grown and expanded our talent pool, these summer productions have been an important learning opportunity for Seattle performers on their way to professional stages. With Twelfth Night Productions, these up-and-coming performers have the safety and support to practice their craft and hone their skills, while working side-by-side with less experienced performers who are just getting started in the performing arts. Most recently, our talented community members have gone on to perform at the 5th Avenue in Mama Mia, and Village Theatre in Dream Girls and Hairspray.

“After having worked with Twelfth Night Productions for three consecutive years, the experience has contributed and amplified my interest in pursuing theater in college. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and take a chance to be part of this community. Now as a college freshman, I look forward to furthering my capabilities and continuing my passion as an actress and aspiring director.” – Kim Le, backstage apprentice